ARNAVING (ARchitecture NAVale et INGéniérie)

Conception, research, technological development and operation of naval equipment and innovative mooring systems.

ARNAVING France, whom develops and markets Mobi-Deck, the first mobile mooring system in the world, aims to provide innovative solutions in the field of port infrastructure in respect of the environment for the service of port managers and recreational boaters.

"The philosophy of the company"

"ARNAVING France pledges itself to the relationship it has with each and every customer. We will mobilize all our energy and expertise to deliver the commitment and support of sustainable management of ports to whom we have been entrusted.

Our mission is to deliver speedy and economic solutions for the deficit of berths in marinas, without losing sight of the innovation, which above all includes a factor of quality but also has a responsible approach to develop cleaner alternatives for future generations.

It is our positive vision for the future!"

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ARchitecture NAVal at [I]ENGineering
LLC of 100 000 €
ARNAVING France - Domaine de Montcalm
Route de Saint Féliu
66300 - THUIR - FRANCE

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The Mobi-Deck Systems are patented in France and abroad, Mobi-Deck is a registered trademark.